Influx builds in many Seattle communities. When we enter a community, we take a good look around and notice the people and organizations that make that community great. This page offers tribute to some of those organizations and people who are active in promoting the best of the community, as a concept, and in practice.
Talk It Up Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization that produces the award winning web-series called Talk It Up TV, a new style of media that is reality TV at its best with a positive twist. Instead of reporting and highlighting negative tragedies, they share real life stories and unforeseen circumstances, yet do not walk away. Talk It Up TV comes in when least expected and provides a shocking act of kindness to create a happy ending to every story. They find stories of those who are in need of help and are deserving. Their site can be reached by clicking here.
House of Champions is the epitome of what "community" means. Founder, Derek Sparks, recognized a massive gap between education, and disadvantaged and at risk youth in Seattle's Central District. Understanding that without basic support, these teen students were running the serious risk of missing out on important steps in their educations. He created a safe and supportive space for the most at risk of student athletes where they are able to focus on bettering themselves and preparing for their futures. Click here to go to their site.